No. 579 NAI DFA 27/18

Telegram from the Department of External Affairs to the British Ambassador in Tokyo and the British Minister in Peking

Dublin, 20 October 1931

Referring to the recent turn of events in Manchuria and to the discussions on the subject at the Council of the League of Nations, His Majesty's Government in the Irish Free State would be grateful if you would be so good as to make representations at their instance to (1) the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, (2) the Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs of China, in the following terms:-


Begins. The Irish Government have followed with anxiety the development of events in Manchuria which, since the 18th September, have created a disquieting situation between China and Japan. This situation has already been laid before the Council of the League of Nations which is making active efforts to arrive at a settlement. With these efforts the representative of the Irish Free State is associated. The Government of the Irish Free State further consider it to be their duty to call the attention of

(1) the Imperial Government of Japan, as co-signatory with

(2) the National Government of China,

to the Pact for the Renunciation of War of August 27th, 1928, [and] to the provisions of that Pact and especially to Article 2 by which the contracting parties agree that 'the settlement or solution of all disputes or conflicts of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be which may arise among them shall never be sought except by pacific means'. Public opinion throughout the world expects the two Governments to adhere to the undertaking thus assumed. The Government of the Irish Free State are confident that this hope will not be disappointed and that the two Governments concerned, bearing in mind the scope of these solemn undertakings and of the obligations thereby imposed upon them towards the other signatories of the Pact, will be careful to refrain from taking any steps that might endanger the success of the efforts already in progress to secure settlement by peaceful means of the conflict that has arisen between them. Ends.

His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom have been informed by wire of the terms of this communication to you.

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