No. 106 NAI DFA Secretary's Files S1

Code telegram from Seán T. O'Ceallaigh to Eamon de Valera (Dublin)
(Telegram No. 1) (Copy)

Ottawa, 13 August 1932


Following for President from Vice-President begins. Thomas handed me three following questions this morning Saturday for submission to you quote first whilst it is true acceptance of treaty was implied in limited mandate at the last election does Mr. de Valera contemplate asking for fresh mandate next time as hinted by himself in London in other words would he say definitely he and his party accept the treaty. Secondly whilst he would have no power to bind the people for the future would he himself and his party abandon claim and seek future development within British Commonwealth. Thirdly does he realise whatever view he may hold on United Ireland no British Government could coerce Ulster to a union she objected to unquote. Told him that you would not dream of abandoning Republic. He said that form of reply to meet the present need might be found. I suggest that you should redraft the three questions giving your own replies. Strongly urge you to formulate constructive suggestions now as it may be difficult to re-establish contact if we leave here without having done something definite. He further asked if we would agree to have Bennett Bruce1 Havenga2 come to Thomas and self and offer their three Chief Justices as arbitration board penal tariffs both sides to be dropped immediately and announcement to be made next week at the Conference. If this latter accepted questions above to be dropped. I told him such proposal not likely to be accepted. He begged me to nevertheless submit it. Cable immediately reply on all points message ends.


1 Stanley M. Bruce (1883-1967), Australian Prime Minister (1923-29), head of Australian delegation to Ottawa Conference (1932), Australian delegate to League of Nations during the period (1932-26), President of League Council (1936), Australian High Commissioner to London (1933-45).

2 Nicolaas C. Havenga, South African Finance Minister.

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