No. 206 UCDA P150/2303

Memorandum of a discussion between Eamon de Valera and John J. Hearne

Dublin, 18 August 1933

Memo. of subjects discussed with President on the 18th August, 1933

1. President approved address to be delivered by Mr. Bewley on the occasion of the presentation of his letter of Credence to President Hindenburg.

2. President decided that the Royal Institute of International Affairs be informed by the High Commissioner that his official position prevents him from suggesting any names for the British Commonwealth Conference to be held at Toronto in September and from taking any action in the matter.

3. 'Blueshirt' activities. President approved draft statement to be sent to Legations. Also directed that the Legations be given discretion to deny truth of sensational reports in foreign newspapers in their respective capitals and to inform enquirers and to take occasion to inform the public generally that these sensational articles are inspired by the enemies of Ireland and of the present Government.

4. President directed that Washington Legation and New York Consulate General be instructed to take particular note of press reports re present situation here.

5. President signed Dr Bodkin's1 credentials (in Irish and French) for Thirteenth Congress on the History of Art (Stockholm 4th to 7th September). The Crown Prince of Sweden has already received a copy of the Book 'Hugh Lane and his Pictures'. It would not therefore be advisable to send him another copy through Dr Bodkin as suggested.

6. Read for President cable No. 38 from New York dated 17.8.'33 re Repayment of Dáil Éireann Loans.

7. President authorised printing of Report on Economic Consultation and Co-operation.

8. Read reports (12th and 15th August) from Legation at Berlin re press accounts of internal situation here. Also read article from 'Deutsche Allegemeine Zeitung' dated 13th August. Referred to articles in 'Le Temps' 13th & 14th August.

9. Re application from Mr. Bose,2 Mayor of Calcutta, to land in the Irish Free State, President directed that he be allowed to land provided Department of Justice have no objection.

1 Dr Thomas P. Bodkin (1887-1961), Director of the National Gallery of Ireland (1927-35), Professor of Fine Arts, Birmingham University (1935-52).

2 Subhas Chandra Bose (1897-1945), radical Indian separatist who forged links with Germany and Japan after 1939, setting up the Indian National Army to fight alongside the Japanese.

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