No. 161 161 NAI DE 2/304/1

Note by Eamon Duggan to Eamon de Valera
(Copy) Secret

Dublin, 11.30 p.m., 7 October 1921.

For future reference the Main Treaty will be referred to as the 'M' Treaty, and the ancillary treaties on Constitution, Finance, Trade and Joint Commissions as the 'C', 'F', 'T' and 'J' Treaties respectively.

The several drafts or revisions from day to day during the progress of the negotiations will be numbered- , Aa, Ab, Ac, Ad, etc. consecutively and dated.

The 'Break Proposals' draft will be numbered; Ba, Bb, Bc, Bd. etc consecutively, and dated.

Thus, of the 'M' Treaty we shall have the Aa, Ab, Ac, etc. drafts, and the Ba, Bb, Bc, etc. drafts. Similarly, of the 'C' Treaty we shall have the Aa, Ab, Ac, drafts and the Ba, Bb etc. drafts.

'S' means 'Signed Treaty'.

(as arranged October 7th, p.m. by the President).

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