No. 180 NAI DE 2/304/1

Memorandum from Eamon de Valera to Arthur Griffith (London)

(No. 8) (Copy)

Dublin, 26 October 1921

Despatch No. 7 from the Secretary received with the accompanying memoranda; also your memo on the sub-Conference on Ulster.1

The main thing now, it seems to us, is to clinch with them on the 'Ulster' question without delay, and get the basis for representation in the All-Ireland Parliament agreed upon definitely. — And after that, the 'make or break' question.

E. de V.

P.S. I think we should avoid any agreement which would compel Tyrone and Fermanagh, etc, etc. to remain in the Northern Parliament without a definite vote of the people.

1 No. 176, memo not printed.

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