No. 80 NAI 2003/17/181

Letter from Seán Murphy to John W. Dulanty (London)
(Secret) (Copy)

Dublin, 4 September 1937

With reference to my secret minute of the 30th July1 I am directed by the President to inform you that he is going to Geneva to the League Assembly. He is leaving Dublin on the morning boat on Thursday, 9th September, staying that night in London and leaving for Paris on the morning of Friday, the 10th. A further minute will be sent to you regarding the President's journey.

The President wishes that you should inform Mr. MacDonald that he is going to Geneva. As regards the venue for the suggested meeting it is thought that somewhere near Zurich might be the most suitable, as a journey to Zurich by the President would not give rise to speculation. However, the President has an open mind on this matter and he will be prepared to meet Mr. MacDonald at any place and time mutually convenient.

It would be well if you were able to let the President know on his way through London whether Mr. MacDonald has any suggestion to make regarding the venue and the date of the meeting.

(Sgd) Seán Murphy

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