No. 136 UCDA P150/2836

Letter from Eamon de Valera to Franklin D. Roosevelt (Washington)

Dublin, 25 January 1938

Dear Mr. President,
Another great opportunity for finally ending the quarrel of centuries between Ireland and Britain presents itself. The one remaining obstacle to be overcome is that of the Partition of Ireland. The British Government alone have the power to remove this obstacle. If they really have the will they can bring about a united Ireland in a very short time. I have pressed my views upon them, but it is obvious that they recognise only the difficulties and are not fully alive to the great results that would follow a complete reconciliation between the two peoples. Reconciliation would affect every country where the two races dwell together, knitting their national strength and presenting to the world a great block of democratic peoples interested in the preservation of Peace.

Knowing your own interest in this matter, I am writing to ask you to consider whether you could not use your influence to get the British Government to realize what would be gained by reconciliation and to get them to move whilst there is time. In a short while, if the present negotiations fail, relations will be worsened. I am sending this by the hands of a trusty friend, Mr. Frank Gallagher1, who is in a position to give you any information you may desire concerning the facts of Partition and their bearing on the relations between Great Britain and Ireland.

I avail of this occasion, Mr. President, to express to you my sincere regard.
[copy letter unsigned]

1 Frank Gallagher (1893-1962), Editor, Irish Press (1931-5), Deputy Director, Radio Éireann (1935-40), Director, Government Information Bureau (1940-54).

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