No. 243 NAI DFA ES Box 34 File 239

Extract from a letter from George Gavan Duffy to Charles Bewley (Berlin)


Dublin, 13 February 1922

A Chara,
[Matter omitted]

With regard to another matter referred to in an unsigned document handed to Mr. Chartres at the Grand Hotel, Paris, on 28th January, 1922, attached to which were copies of letters from Mr. Chartres himself and from R.[obert] B.[riscoe]1, I think you cannot take too great trouble to cause the matter to be forgotten. Not only should there be no public reference to the contentions, but even in private nothing should be said which would give offence in the quarter in which offence was taken. Private conversations, as you know, have a way of making public reputations, especially if the rumours of private conversations follow public incidents. I must impress upon you the necessity for supreme discretion.

Mise le meas,
George Gavan Duffy

1 Nos. 225 and 229.

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