No. 262 NAI DE 2/449

George Gavan Duffy to Michael Collins (Dublin)

16 Kildare St., Dublin, 31 March 1922

A Chara,

Ireland's adherence to International Unions.

1. This matter raises an issue of some importance in connection with our foreign relations.
2. The Postmaster-General1 desires application to be made for Ireland's admission to the Universal Postal Union and to the International Telegraphic Union and has asked me to take the necessary steps.2
3. Before doing so I think it right to submit the matter to you.
4. I propose to instruct Mr. Michael MacWhite (now in Geneva) to act in the matter and for that purpose to draw up Credentials whereby Mr. MacWhite would be appointed Special Envoy from Ireland for the purpose of making these two applications.
5. The Credentials I propose would be issued from the Department of Foreign Affairs of Dail Eireann, 'acting on behalf and at the request of the Provisional Government of Ireland.'
6. I do not think that any Foreign Government is likely to raise difficulties about this procedure, which has the advantage of maintaining our position here.
7. My particular reason for asking your concurrence before I take any step is that there are likely to be other applications by Ireland to join International Unions, such as the International Agriculture, International Copyright and Trades Marks, International Statistical and International Labour Unions, so that it would be well to lay down a principle of general application at the outset.

Le meas,
S.[eoirse] Ghabháin uí Dhubhthaigh

1 J.J. Walsh.

1 In the original this paragraph has been heavily marked in pencil in the left-hand margin by Collins.

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