No. 204 NAI DT 2001/6/500

Handwritten memorandum of a meeting of the Government by
Maurice Moynihan (Dublin)

Dublin, 27 June 1940

Meeting of the Government 27 June, 1940


Council Chamber

11 a.m. to 12.10 p.m.


Note: This record follows closely lines indicated by the Taoiseach personally
M.M. 23/7/40

All members of the Government
In attendance
Parliamentary Secretary to the TaoiseachMr. Smith
Attorney General Mr. Haugh1
Secretary to the GovernmentMr. Moynihan


Communication from the British Government

The Taoiseach informed the Government of the contents of a communication which had been conveyed to him on the 26th June, 1940, by Mr. Malcolm MacDonald on behalf of the British Government. He said he had informed Mr. MacDonald that he was satisfied that the proposals contained in the communication could not be accepted, but that he would submit them to the Government.

The view which had been expressed to Mr. MacDonald by the Taoiseach was confirmed.

The Taoiseach said that Mr. MacDonald had suggested that some members of the Government might like to ask him questions about the matter whilst he was in Dublin. Arrangements were being made for a luncheon at which Mr. MacDonald would be a guest and the Taoiseach thought it would be well if one or two members of the Government, in addition to himself, were present at the luncheon, when he would inform Mr. MacDonald of the Government's decision. He was of opinion that there would be an advantage in Mr. MacDonald meeting members of the Government in addition to himself. He proposed, in this connection, the Ministers for Supplies and Co-ordination of Defensive Measures. This was agreed to.

1 Kevin Haugh (1902-69), Attorney General (1940-2).

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