No. 216 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P3

Memorandum by Joseph P. Walshe

Dublin, 6 July 1940

The German Minister called today to make the following communication.

He said that he had a telegram from Woermann1 instructing him to inform the Government –

1) That British Press reports quoting German papers as having warned Ireland of her dangerous position were pure inventions. No such statements had appeared in the German Press.

2) That the Irish Government should have no doubt about Germany's attitude and feelings with regard to Ireland.

3) That Germany had only one aim with regard to Ireland in the present war – that she should maintain her neutrality. Germany did not intend to violate Irish neutrality.

4) That it was senseless to talk about a Fifth Column in Ireland. It was non-existent.

I thanked the German Minister for his communication, and told him that I would convey it to my Minister, and I took the opportunity to urge upon him once more how disastrous it would be for Germany's relations with the United States if his Government acted against his (Dr. Hempel's) advice and that of his Foreign Office.

1 Dr Ernst Woermann, Under-Secretary of State, German Foreign Ministry.

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