No. 226 NAI DFA Secretary's Files A3

Letter from Colonel Liam Archer to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(G2/X/0321) (Secret)

Dublin, 15 July 1940

Dear Joe,

Re attached, the following message was sent by radio in clear at 4.42 a.m. on 3.7.'40:


O.C. Cheroot.

O.C. Ballina.

The following message received from Duty Officer, D.O.D. at 03.25 hours. Garda H.Q. reported that the R.U.C. at Newry reported they had information that the invasion of Éire was to take place tonight or early this morning. Invasion likely to take place from the air with a probable attack on the North.

Orderly Officer


'Cheroot' is a code address for 'Finner Camp'1 and 'Mona' is a code address for Command Headquarters in Athlone.

It is apparent that the above message is that which was intercepted by the British Government station, and that the complete message was not intercepted.

This is understandable as the radius of action of the Athlone station would not be sufficient to give good reception in England. You will note that the portion of our message which stated the origin of our information is omitted from the message sent to you.

I am enquiring into the cipher which followed this message.

There is one important discrepancy, and that is that the British message was intercepted at 5.30 a.m., whilst the original was sent at 4.42 a.m. It would be as well to ask on what frequency was the message intercepted, because the possibility exists it may have been relayed by some illicit station.

Yours sincerely
[signed] L. Archer

1 Irish Defence Forces camp on the shores of Donegal Bay near Ballyshannon.

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