No. 206  NAI DFA Washington Embassy Minister 's File 1942

Handwritten letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Robert Brennan (Washington)

DUBLIN, 6 June 1942

Dear Bob,
General McClure1 is taking our first diplomatic 'bag' in the shape of a large envelope. David Gray has got his Govt's permission to have our bags taken both ways by the State Department Courier on the Clipper. In some cases we shall simply have the bag handed to the Captain who I presume will pass it on to the State Department for you. There will always be a Dublin Legation bag so the State Department will not have to do the job exclusively for you.

I need not tell how very glad we all are that you are coming home for a visit. Telegraphic communication is unsatisfactory and we need badly to survey the whole horizon. Things are improving. A new atmosphere seems to be developing on your side. There is, at last, apparently a recognition that we also have the right to determine our 'own way of life'. I hope your recent forecasts are true. The relief would be enormous. When you hear the details you will realize what a source of bitter poison G. has been in all our relations with the U.S. Never was there more need of an understanding personality really interested in the welfare of our two countries instead of being absorbed in the old class hatreds of a dying aristocracy in whose homes he finds weekly solace.

However we shall have time to lay our plans while you are here.

With all good wishes to self and the family.

J. P. W.

1 General Robert A. McClure (1897-1957), Military Attaché, United States Embassy, London, appointed in 1942 as chief of intelligence for the European theatre of operations.

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