No. 34 NAI DFA ES Box 34 File 241

Charles Bewley to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

BERLIN, 10 February 1923

A chara,

You will remember that I mentioned to you in Dublin in October that I wished to retire in the course of the New Year. I also mentioned the matter to Mr. Gearoid O'Lochlainn1 when he was recently in Berlin.

I now beg formally to tender my resignation, and will be glad if you will let me know the earliest date on which it would suit you that it should take effect.

I will also be glad [for you] to let me know at your earliest convenience what arrangements you wish made with regard to transferring the funds of this office, the office itself etc.

My resignation is, as you are aware, dictated purely by personal reasons, and, as I would be reluctant that it should in any way be used for propaganda against the Government, I would be glad if you would see that a correct version is published in the Press. 

Mise le meas mór

1Gearoid O'Lochlainn, Department of External Affairs.


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