No. 351 NAI DFA Berlin Embassy 46/14

Telegram from William Warnock to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(No. 2)

BERLIN, 1 December 1943

Whole Legation quarter destroyed within a short time mainly by fire, on November 22. In spite of strenuous efforts everything lost except code and key of bag. One typewriter also saved. I have lost much clothing and most of my personal effects, but escaped injury except for inflammation of the eyes caused during our fight against the flames.

In future correspondence please send copy of my last letter and résumé of case and ensure that telegrams are as detailed as possible. I have no stationery and it is unobtainable locally. I have asked Berne to assist me, but please also send me immediately supply of stationery, rubber stamps, office requisites, passports, consular stamps, seal, sealing wax, and lead seals for bag. Most of city in ruins. I cannot describe chaos. Part of Foreign Office still stands, but everything including Post and Telegraphs services completely disorganised, and it is impossible to foresee when better communication will be possible. It will be extremely difficult for me to communicate with you regularly for a while and I suggest that your telegrams, particularly code be reduced to minimum. Cremin has brought new code.

Please ask my parents to send shirts, heavy underwear and socks and request coupons out of supplies.

Cremin and I living very comfortably at stud farm owned by Irishman. Frau Kamberg also here.

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