No. 51 NAI DFA 26/102

Michael MacWhite to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)
(N.S. 30/23)

GENEVA, 24 March 1923

A Chara,

With reference to your letter No 180,1 I had a conversation with Sir Eric, Drummond's Private Secretary and, as a result, I am in a position to enclose a form of application for membership of the League, which has been drafted by its legal advisers and which has evidently been approved of by the Secretary General himself.1 The simplest lines possible were considered to be the most suitable.

I also enclose you a copy of covering letter I had from the forementioned Private Secretary, as well as copies of requests for admission made by Hungary, Finland and Albania, which may be of service to you.2

I may mention that, in order to figure on the Agenda of the next League Assembly, it is necessary that the application for Membership should be received here not later than the 1st of May. The Sub Committee appointed to deal with the admission of new members will meet as soon as possible, perhaps the second day after the opening of the Assembly, when our delegates should be present in order to give any explanations required. It will be necessary to have about two dozen copies of the Constitution and Treaty and the same number of Mr. Lloyd George's letter to the late President Griffith.3 A short memorandum on Military, Naval and Air Forces should also be disponable though, in my opinion, all explanations should as far as possible be verbal.

When forwarding your application for Membership it is not necessary to send any documents in support of it as those would only be held up until such time as the Sub Committee on Admissions meet, which cannot be before the opening of the Assembly.

Is mise, le meas,
[signed] M. MACWHITE

1Not printed.

2Not printed.

3Not printed.

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