No. 55 NAI DFA ES Box 28 File 181

Timothy A. Smiddy to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)

WASHINGTON, 30 March 1923

A Chara:


James Larkin has recently obtained a subscription of $15,000 from his supporters in Chicago for the purpose of purchasing a vessel from the U.S.A. Shipping Board to be loaded with food and clothing for the distressed people of Ireland.

He arrived in Washington a few days ago with introductions to two influential people here from Mr James K. McQuire of New York who is supposed to be friendly to the Irish Free State - an indication of the complex people one has to deal with here. He interviewed Dr Constantine McQuire to whom he got an introduction. He was informed by him that the Shipping Board would want to know a lot about it, and, perhaps, would impose a number of restrictions, and insist on inspection. He left Dr. McQuire discouraged but quite determined in his object. He then went to Mr Philpin the Manager of Sales of the Board. I am taking the necessary action. Dr McQuire informed me he was frank and direct in all his statements and disclaimed any intention to meddle one way or another in politics, avowing, none the less, his Republican aspirations. He said a Labor Committee for relief had been organized here, to combat the results of destruction and unemployment.

My recent correspondence on the subject of Jim Larkin shows clearly that he is active on the side of the Irregulars; there need be no doubt of this.1

Mise, le meas,
[signed] T.A. SMIDDY

1See No. 30.

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