No. 58 NAI DFA 26/102

Extract from a letter from Michael MacWhite to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)
(NS 39/23) (Copy)

GENEVA, 11 April 1923

A Chara,

I should like to remind you again that if your application for Membership to the League does not arrive here before May 1st, it cannot figure on the Agenda of the next annual Conference, which is to meet in September. The advantage of having the application figure on the Agenda is that the matter can be dealt with as soon as the Assembly meets and will consequently permit the Irish Delegates to take an effective part in the proceedings. On the other hand, if it arrives later, it may be dealt with only when the rest of the Agenda has been disposed of.

I should also like to bring to your notice the subject of a conversation I had with Sir Eric Drummond a few days ago, with reference to the demand of admission by the Irish Free State. According to him this demand should not be presented through the British Foreign Office as, in that case, it would be likely to cause you a certain amount of prejudice in the eyes of foreign Delegates. There is nothing in the League Covenant to prevent the Government from applying direct through its own representative which is, I presume, what it intends doing.
[Matter omitted]

Is mise, le meas,
[signed] M MACWHITE

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