No. 41 NAI DE 4/1/3

Dáil Éireann Report of the Propaganda Department1

Dublin, 25 June 1920

The chief business of the Propaganda Department is the collection, co-ordination and distribution of information.

At the time of the last meeting of the Dail all information was forwarded to our friends in France and America for them to make use of. It was also given to Foreign Journalists visiting Ireland.

We published pamphlets and issued a weekly list of 'Acts of Aggression' committed by British in Ireland. These were circulated to journalists and other people who could influence public opinion.

As the outside world is chiefly dependent upon foreign newspaper correspondents resident in London for information about Ireland, since last I reported to the Dail, I have been to London several times and have interviewed these foreign pressmen. They supply news to practically every European country as well as U.S.A., Canada, South America, South Africa, Australia and Japan. With very few exceptions they are friendly, anxious to receive our information and have been at pains to assist us in many ways. With a view to keeping them supplied with Irish news we started issuing daily the 'Irish Bulletin' on November 12th 1919. It has led to numerous special articles in the press of almost all countries and ensured that they be well informed.

Our chief difficulty recently has been with 'spot' news. This is supplied by English News Agencies (Exchange Telegraph, Central News and P.A.) These agencies really got their news directly or indirectly from Dublin Castle sources. In order to meet this difficulty we started a telegraphic news service on June 15th 1920. This is, so far, experimental, and it is not possible to decide how far it is effective. The representatives of foreign News Services in London have assured me that they will give our news as much prominence as they give to news from other sources. This service is designed to correct and amplify the news received through other sources. It is necessarily inadequate but a plan is pending which if carried out will put us in a position to combat the English Telegraphic Newsagencies.

Our friends in America use the material we send with very good effect. Mr. Gavan Duffy is also doing good work in France. But we shall require a Central Bureau of Propaganda for the whole of the Continent. Geneva seems the best place for this. I hope shortly to have such a bureau functioning. This Department assists all foreign Pressmen visiting Ireland.

[a list of pamphlets published has been deleted]

1 This report appears to be a version of No. 36, but is sufficiently different to be included.

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