No. 60 NAI DFA 305/23/1

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Stephen Roche (Dublin)

Dublin, 21 December 1945

With reference to this Department's confidential minute 205/149 of the 30th July last,1 concerning the possibility that Breton refugees might try to reach this country in fishing boats, I am directed by the Minister for External Affairs to inform you that from time to time sympathisers with the Breton autonomist movement call at the Legation in Paris to enquire about the possibility of travelling to Ireland.2 As you probably know, this organisation is alleged by the French authorities to have collaborated with the Germans during the occupation of France. The Minister Plenipotentiary informs us that some of these callers at the Legation recently indicated that a few of their colleagues have already been smuggled into Ireland.

It appears that the French authorities are rather apprehensive that some of the persons will succeed - or may already have succeeded - in coming to this country. The French Minister has made informal enquiries concerning the following 'leaders of the Breton Autonomist Movement' who, he states, are known by his authorities to have attempted in the past few years to reach Ireland with the object of becoming naturalised Irish citizens:-

  • LAINE, Célestin, chemical engineer
  • CHEVILLOTTE, Emmanuel
  • de QUELEN, Jacques, lawyer, Saint Brieuc
  • CHANTEAU, Jean
  • Mme. ANDOUARD, maiden name Francine ROZEC
  • Le TOIZER, Marius, lawyer, Lannion.

We should be glad to know whether your Department can throw any light on the suggestion that some of these persons have actually landed secretly in Ireland.

1 Not printed.

2 See above No. 40.

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