No. 83 NAI DFA ES Box 29 File 189/2

Timothy A. Smiddy to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)

WASHINGTON, 12 May 1923

A Chara:


During the last four or five months many events have made me realize the imperative necessity of obtaining Diplomatic Recognition for the Irish Free State at Washington. The following three reasons in themselves justify action being taken at the earliest possible date. Any move in this direction has been delayed, I presume, in consequence of a desire to await the decision of the Canadian Government to appoint a Representative at Washington. As I shall point out later our action in the matter should no longer be contingent on that of Canada. The three reasons above referred to are.

(1) The evidence such recognition would give of the International Sovereignty of the Irish Free State which will go a long way to render ineffective the activities of the Irregulars and their supporters in this country.

(2) It will have a very satisfactory effect on the settlement of the suit that is pending the Court.

(3) It will aid us considerably in coping with the activities of the Irregulars by giving us direct access to the State Department and helping us to obtain an embargo on the exportation of arms to the Irish Free State.

A further reason worthy of consideration is that if such recognition were authorized by the British Government at an early date, and before the Imperial Conference is held in September next, it would prevent the possibility of Ireland's Diplomatic Representation being made contingent on decisions that may be arrived at in that conference.

Finally, it will remove from the opponents of the Irish Free State all grounds for asserting that Ireland is not a Sovereign Power - as far as most Nations can be such at present.

For the above reasons during the last month I have endeavoured to ascertain the attitude of the Government at Washington towards the recognition of the Irish Free State, and also the present attitude of the Canadian Government towards the appointment of a Diplomatic representative at Washington. I am enclosing two reports dealing with these investigations.1

Mise, le meas,
[signed] T.A. SMIDDY

1Not located.

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