No. 97 NAI DFA ES Box 37

Extracts from a letter from Michael MacWhite to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)
(N.S. 77/23)

GENEVA, 12 July 1923

A Chara,

I enclose you a number of Legal and Diplomatic Documents which it is necessary to submit to the Fourth Assembly of the League of Nations in connection with the application of the Free State for admission.1 I have gone thoroughly into the matter with the Legal Advisers of the League and discussed the contents of these documents with them. They suggested that as the Treaty, from the English point of view, is one between Great Britain and Ireland so, from the Irish point of view, it is between Ireland and Great Britain and should figure accordingly on our documents.

Now, it will be necessary to have those documents printed in pamphlet form, about the same size as that of the 'Parliamentary Debates'. It must be in Irish, English and French as the latter two are the official languages of the League. The Irish part should be in Gaelic type as, otherwise, it has no significance for foreigners.

[Matter omitted]

The Booklet should be well turned out as from a propaganda standpoint, outside altogether of its legal and diplomatic aspect, it will be invaluable. Each language should form a separate part, but the title could appear in the three on the cover.

[Matter omitted]

Is mise, le meas,
[signed] M. MACWHITE

1Not printed.

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