No. 102 NAI DFA ES Box 29 File 189(5)

Lindsay Crawford to Timothy A. Smiddy (Dublin)

NEW YORK, 23 July 1923

Dear Mr. Smiddy:

Mrs. Skeffington sailed from Montreal last week by the 'Empress', that calls at Liverpool.

Our friend Jerome called here on Saturday. He had one of his usual fairy tales about your withdrawal from the Washington Office. He is strongly of the opinion that the war will be resumed after the elections. Jerome intends visiting Ireland this summer for a more or less permanent stay in connection with some commissions he has undertaken. He will probably take his family with him.

I just learned today from Mrs. MacFeat that she has been very unwell. Apparently she is all right again.

I am glad to report that both the Clan [na Gael] and A.O.H. Conventions show a determination to stand by the Free State. The resolutions of the Clan were unanimous, as forwarded to you last mail. Joseph Mac- rallied all his forces at Montreal for the A.O.H. Convention, but he was defeated by a three to one vote. He was not there himself but was ably represented from Philadelphia and Boston. Ex-Congressman Michael Donoghue was elected President of the A.O.H. in succession to Judge Deery. Mr Donoghue is a splendid type and a great friend of the Judge. He is an out and out supporter of the Free State, and with his control of the A.O.H. monthly magazine and propaganda funds, will be a powerful influence on our side during the coming year. I saw him on his way through here yesterday, and he told me that the enemy had left Montreal very much crestfallen.

The Irregulars are keeping up their meetings here, but they are badly divided amongst themselves, and the attendance at their meetings is very small.

Yours very truly,

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