No. 106 NAI DFA ES Box 37

Hugh Kennedy to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)1

DUBLIN, 4 August 1923


Your reference 33/23:2 I think the proper line of reply to the enquiry contained in the letter of 25th ultimo from the Secretary-General of the League of Nations would be, having expended a certain necessary quota of politeness in acknowledging the document, to mention that this country has just emerged from a state of armed rebellion directed to the overthrow of the Government; that the rebellion has failed, but that certain military measures are still requisite for the complete establishment of permanent tranquillity. Whence, as could be pointed out, it would be obvious that the present military, naval and air establishments of the Irish Free State are such as were requisite for handling the situation actually existing and are not indicative of the establishments which would be maintained by this State on a peace basis. You could then go on to say that the establishments to be maintained on a peace basis would be governed by Article 8 of the Treaty made between Great Britain and Ireland, and signed at London on the 6th day of December, 1921. You could then add that while the maximum limit has thus been made the subject of a Treaty Agreement, the actual establishments within that limit, which it is proposed to maintain in the future, have not yet been decided and will presumably come under early review by the Irish Government on the complete restoration of peaceful conditions in this country. You might contribute further to the information contained in this suggested letter by sending him a copy of the temporary Army Act, which the Parliament of the Free State has just passed.

Ard Aturnae

1See below No. 108.

2Not printed.

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