No. 49 NAI DFA ES Paris 1920

Extract from a letter from Diarmuid O'Hegarty to Sean T O'Ceallaigh (Paris)
(No. 507) (Copy)

Dublin, 28 September 1920

[Matter omitted]
The Ministry agree with you and with Seoirse regarding the attitude to be adopted in connection with his expulsion. Any attack on the French Government would be unwise. I gather that you are not very sanguine about the possibility of Seoirse's return, but it appears likely that no further aggressive action will be taken against the Delegation. The aim should be to carry on the work of the Mission as before, but we realise, of course, the necessity of prudence for the time being. You would, of course, be the best judge of the extent to which prudence is necessary and the matter can be safely left in your hands.

We should be glad to be advised, as soon as you feel in a position to state with reasonable definity, whether Seoirse's return to Paris may be expected, as arrangements will have to be made regarding his future activities which must depend on this.

With regard to the Ministry's request that you should accept the post of Diplomatic Agent in Rome it is of course understood that this had better stand over for the present. The passport incident is troublesome, and apart from this, as you say, the expulsion of Gavan Duffy has somewhat altered the situation. It might however be desirable if you would at your convenience, think the matter over and let us have your views on it, so that when a favourable opportunity occurs for re-opening the question, we may be in a better position to take advantage of it.

We note that you are forwarding to the Coiste Gnotha a letter of resignation from the post of General Secretary of the Gaelic League, and I am writing to Sean O'Tuama to this effect. We are all very pleased to hear that your health has so much improved.

Your report regarding your interviews with the Italian Journalists is very interesting and we are glad to hear that so much work has been done in this direction. With regard to M. Goblet's book, the Ministry approve of the expenditure of 500 francs on the purchase of the publishers rights. I presume the translation to which you refer is in Italian. On July 3rd Mr. Duffy mentioned that it was proposed to entrust the translation to English to Miss Brine, librarian of the F.O.I.F. Bureau of Information in Washington. Mr. Boland has just written to say that in his opinion this lady will do the work thoroughly and well.

The whole question of dealing with propaganda on the Continent is being considered. One of the big factors is, of course, cost. I gather that the views of the Propaganda Department as to centres of activity practically coincide with yours. We have noted your suggestion re C. He would without doubt be most suitable.

We had a further session of Dail during the month as you will doubtless have seen from the Press. In view of recent events I do not think it wise to send out batches of reports, but I will have a summary of the work done there made out for you as soon as possible.

I hope you are keeping in good form.

Mise le meas,
Diarmuid O'Hegarty

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