No. 163 NAI DT S1667A

Joseph P. Walshe to Diarmuid O’Hegarty (Dublin)

DUBLIN, 22 November 1923

With reference to your Minute of the 6th1 instant regarding accommodation in Government Buildings, I am directed by the Minister to make the following observations:-

As this Ministry is being constantly visited by Consuls and foreigners interested in the Saorstát, it should be housed in some part of the Government Buildings more easily accessible from the street. Incidentally, our present apartments have the negative advantage of being so constructed as to allow of a constant current of air between the doors and windows to banish the odours of decaying chemicals exuding from the waste pipes.2

The Publicity Department, which need not necessarily be in the same floor as the Ministry of External Affairs requires one small room and two large rooms allocated as follows:

The small room to Mr. Lester, Director of Publicity

One large room for Typists and general work

The other to be used as Press Room.

The Ministry of External Affairs requires six rooms allocated thus:

1 Small room for MINISTER

2 Ante-room for Private Secretary

3 Small room for Secretary

4 Larger room for two Administrative Officers

5 Small room for Accountant and Assistant

6 Large room for files, register, records, clerical officer, typists, librarian.

These suggestions do not provide for the possible transfer of other services to this Ministry nor for the Passport Department which presumably will continue to be housed in Hume Street.

[signed] S.P. BREATHNACH

1Not printed.

2The Department of External Affairs was located in the same complex as the College of Science on Merrion Street in Dublin.

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