No. 181 UCDA P80/396

Rough notes by Joseph Walshe on the role of the Department of External Affairs

Dublin, undated, late 1923 or early 1924 1

  1. The Ministry of External Affairs will be a source of profit to the country:

    Passport visas 50,000 people expected from the U.S.A. in 1924 i.e. over £100,000 (visa £2-5)
    Issuing of passports £10,000 per annum
  2. Objects of the Ministry

    (A) To establish and maintain with the chief countries of Europe and America

    such friendly relations as will lead to the Universal political recognition of

    Ireland as a distinct, sovereign state of the Commonwealth.

    And toB) To coop[?] To encourage and coordinate To coordinate the work of the Irish people To invite the cooperation people of Irish race/ people who have become the work of people of Irish race in every country on behalf of the Motherland.

  3. Work Consuls
    Under jurisdiction For. Affs in every country. Work has two sides

    A) political Passports, protection, contact with local government2

    B) commercial

    B) dealt with by I & Com

    A) by Foreign Affs.

    Diplomatic Agents

    For Affs alone

    Diplomacy intimate connection with Country's trade. If the right agents can influence government personages trade can be created etc.

1 There is no indication on this document of a specific date, other than a reference to 1924.

2 Words would appear to be 'local government'

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