No. 80 NAI DFA LN 30(b)

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Patrick McGilligan (Dublin)
(Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 23 April 1927

Dear Paddy,

The Minister has suggested that I should approach you personally about the Economic Conference.

Here are the facts:- We are the only organised State in the entire world which is not sending experts or competent state officials to the most important International Economic Conference ever held. There never has been such an opportunity for establishing useful contacts and obtaining valuable information on every aspect of the problems with which we as a State are confronted.

If we don't go we shall simply broadcast to the world the entirely false impression that we neither are nor wish to be a separate economic unit with distinct needs and interests. Could you not let Ferguson1 go? Brennan2 or McElligott should attend from Finance. One outsider should be appointed as the experts may not speak or vote. Busteed3 or George O'Brien4 would surely be glad to go. We shall make all the arrangements that can be made from this end.

Yours sincerely,
[copy letter unsigned]

1 Robert C. Ferguson, Department of Industry and Commerce.

2 Joseph Brennan, Department of Finance.

3 Professor John Busteed (1895-1964), assistant editor and manager of the investments department of The Statist, Professor of Economics and Dean of the commerce faculty, University College, Cork (1924-64).

4 George O'Brien (1892-1973), Director of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin (1925-26), Professor of National Economics, University College, Dublin (1926-61).

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