Volume 2 1922~1926

Doc No.

No. 238 NAI DFA GR 224

Extract from a letter from Joseph P. Walshe to James McNeill (London)
(224/421) (Copy)

Dublin, 2 July 1924

Dear High Commissioner,

I enclose the printed programme of the Itinerary of the Group of Irish Ex-Service Men and their friends (about 250 in number) who are going to Ypres via London for the unveiling of the Munster War Memorial. You will see that they are laying a wreath at the Cenotaph at 11-30 on Sunday. Mr. Jacobs, the Hon. Organiser has done his best to make the celebration an Irish one and we understand that they will carry the Irish Flag everywhere with them. They have asked us to send a special Government representative with them. This shows a new tendency and the Minister recognises that it should be encouraged until this element of our population is completely absorbed in the Saorstát and weaned altogether from its attachment to British Institutions.

In the circumstances, while the Minister does not wish to give any instructions he thinks it might help towards the process of absorption if you attended the ceremony at the Cenotaph, though he wishes you to be guided by your own judgment.

[Matter omitted]

Sincerely yours,
[copy letter unsigned]