Volume 7 1941~1945

Doc No.

No. 324  NAI DFA Paris Embassy 18/5

Clear telegram from the Department of External Affairs to
Seán Murphy (Vichy)
(No. 664) (48/14b)

DUBLIN, 23 September 1943

Your telegram 262.1 Could you not find out their intentions. It is strange they have taken no action so far since they were informed by Minister before he took step and we understand he is reporting to Vichy as well as to Committee. They would of course inform you if they decided to appoint a Chargé d'Affaires. The natural selection would be Secretary.

A purely informal conversation at your home for instance could scarcely have result you apprehend. They must know and appreciate difficulties created for neutral governments by present situation. Neutral governments without taking sides or departing from neutrality cannot in their own interests ignore powerful influences behind Committee. Spain and Portugal have both received an agent from latter and he has immunity and right to use cipher.

We are of course anxious to maintain our representation in France, but it would create a serious situation for us if Vichy insisted on appointing a representative hostile to Allies we should be obliged to refuse him.

The situation may turn against us at any moment if you take no action and some approach by you has become essential if only to be able to let us know their attitude in this matter.

1 See No. 323