Volume 1 1919~1922

Doc No.

No. 195 NAI DE 2/304/1

Extract from meeting of the Cabinet1

Dublin, 13 November 1921

General Policy: The Pres.[ident] of the opinion that whilst the utmost co-operation should exist between Dublin and London the plenipotentiaries should have a perfectly free hand but should follow original instructions re important decisions.

Peace Negotiations: Following a lengthy and general discussion of the situation the Pres. expressed it as his opinion that it would be advisable to come to concrete proposals as soon as possible and that if a break is inevitable Ulster would be the best question on which to break.

1 Present: Eamon de Valera, Michael Collins, Cathal Brugha, W.T. Cosgrave, R.C. Barton, Eamon Duggan, Erskine Childers. These two latter not members of the Cabinet.