Volume 1 1919~1922

Doc No.

No. 226 NAI DT S1801A

The Collins - Craig agreement


London, 23 January 1922

Mr. Collins and Sir James Craig met in consultation to-day. After discussion the following mutual agreement was reached:-

(1) The Boundary Commission as outlined in the Treaty to be altered. The Governments of the Free State and of Northern Ireland to appoint one representative each to report to Mr. Collins and Sir James Craig, who will mutually agree on behalf of their respective Governments on the future boundaries between the two.

(2) Without prejudice to the future consideration by his Government on the question of tariffs, Mr. Collins undertakes that the Belfast boycott is to be discontinued immediately, and Sir James Craig undertakes to facilitate in every possible way the return of Catholic workmen - without tests - to the shipyards as and when trade revival enables the firms concerned to absorb the present unemployed. In the meantime a system of relief on a large scale is being arranged to carry over the period of distress.

(3) Representatives of both Governments to unite to facilitate a settlement of the railway dispute.

(4) The two Governments to endeavour to devise a more suitable system than the Council of Ireland for dealing with problems affecting all Ireland.

(5) A further meeting will take place at a subsequent date in Ireland between the signatories to this agreement to discuss the question of post-truce prisoners.

Michéal O Coileáin
James Craig