Volume 1 1919~1922

Doc No.

No. 279 NAI DFA ES Box 1 File 11

Foreign Office Memorandum

General Directions to each representative of the Irish Republic abroad

Dublin, May 1922

Correspondence - You will please note that henceforward all letters, papers and documents sent by you for consideration by the ministry are to be directed to this department. Such matters as are intended for the personal consideration of the President are to be addressed to him - - but such only. Where our representatives are also members of the Dáil, when they wish to express their views or to be heard as such, they must communicate with the President not through this office, but through the Secretary of Dáil Eireann. Our representatives are expected so long as they retain office under the Ministry to support loyally the policy of the Ministry. Communications on matters of state with unauthorised persons is strictly forbidden. Discussions of policy or criticisms of policy must be addressed to the ministry direct.

In letters to this department it would be of advantage if matters concerning merely routine work of the office were sent on one sheet and those concerning policy or communications conveying information to the ministry on another.

Reports - You are expected to furnish once a month to the Ministry a report: (a) of the work and activities of your office and its effect (b) a general report on the country in matters affecting our position and the international situation.

Expenditure - you will furnish quarterly an estimate for the ensuing quarter. The estimate will include: (a) an estimate of running expenses based on your present expenditure (b) a sum to be available for contingencies (c) a sum covering any extensions you may propose or recommend. It is to be clearly understood that no expenditure in any new scheme or extension is to be undertaken without the sanction of the Ministry. The contingency fund (b) is intended simply to provide that no exceptional opportunity for doing good work for the Republic may be lost to our representatives through lack of available funds. It will be regarded as an abuse of this fund to draw from it on any occasion when an estimate could have been furnished [to] this department in advance and the project submitted to the Ministry for sanction. Whenever it is availed of, the reasons must be stated in full and a special account rendered through this office.

Accounts - You will furnish this Office with a monthly balance sheet showing expenditure and balance in hands.

Policy - In all matters concerning the policy of our government you are requested to study closely all pronouncements of the Ministry, Dail decrees and interviews by the President or other ministers, authentic copies of which will be supplied to you from time to time from this Office. As to the best means to forward our cause, you will have of necessity in general to depend on your own judgement, but so far as you possibly can you should obtain the advice of the Ministry beforehand in all important matters.