Volume 3 1926~1932

Doc No.

No. 130 NAI DFA Secretary's Files S29A

Letter from Ernest Blythe to Patrick McGilligan (Dublin)

Dublin, 17 February 1928

A Chara,

With reference to our recent conferences on the subject of the higher staff of the Department of External Affairs, I have given further very careful consideration to the proposals for increase.

   I am quite in agreement with you as to the need for upgrading the salaries of the two higher posts - of the Secretary and of the person second in charge. Mr. Walshe as Secretary at present has £760 per annum on the scale rising from £600 to £800. Allowing full recognition to all the arguments in favour of giving him a status appropriate to his position I think his case will be fairly met if he is now given a salary of £1,000 per annum with the understanding, which will be placed on record in my Department, that this salary will be increased to £1,200 after say three years from the date on which he was formally appointed by the Executive Council as Secretary of the Department. The salary of £1,000 per annum will be made to run from this latter date.

In the case of the second post I think a scale of £600 - 20 - £800 per annum with the title of Principal would be reasonable for Mr. Seán Murphy whose present pay is £500 per annum.

It is necessary that agreement be reached in regard to these salaries very soon or the issue of the volume of estimates will be delayed.

Mise, le meas,
[signed] Earnán de Blaghd
Aire Airgid