Volume 3 1926~1932

Doc No.

No. 132 NAI DT S4529

Letter from William T. Cosgrave to Timothy A. Smiddy (Washington)

Dublin, 5 March 1928

My dear Minister,1

Since our return we have been busily engaged with arrears of work, with attention to American letters and in the Dáil, so I put off writing to you pending some headway in those matters.

   I desire you to know that the Minister for Defence and I were much pleased and gratified by the arrangements made by you and your staff in connection with our tour in America. I thank you on behalf of Mr. FitzGerald and myself for all your efforts to make our visit a success. The preparations made for the various stages of the trip were excellent and it was a singular pleasure to have noted the punctuality with which the many appointments were kept.

It would have added much to our satisfaction had we been able to see more of the industrial life of the United States but bearing in mind the number and variety of our engagements we realise that it was not possible.

Will you be good enough to convey to Mr. Macaulay our appreciation of his work in connection with the visit. I was personally very much pleased with his capable and courteous services which I feel were taxed to the utmost extent.

I have conveyed to the Executive Council my pride and satisfaction in the Saorstát Legation in the United States and I have much pleasure in telling you these feelings are shared by the other members of our delegation to America.

With much esteem and affection,
Believe me, sincerely yours,
(Sd) Liam T. MacCosgair

1 Handwritten marginal note: 'issued in the President's handwriting'.