Volume 3 1926~1932

Doc No.

No. 514 NAI DT S2485A

Memorandum from Diarmuid O'Hegarty to William T. Cosgrave (Dublin)

Dublin, 27 January 1931


1. Since your minute beneath two developments have occurred, viz:

(a) we have sent copies of our despatch on the subject of the Portuguese Treaty to the other dominions.1
(b) The telegram of 21st inst of which a copy is beneath has been received from H.M. Govt. in Great Britain, and a reply dated 24th inst (copy also attached)2 has been sent.

2. The British Government did not raise in this telegram the question of direct approach to the King and it would seem as if the fight will not turn on this issue. I understand the Attorney General is cognisant of all these developments.

3. In accordance with his instructions the High Commissioner asked for an appointment with Lord Stamfordham. This was deferred pending Mr. Dulanty's return from Dublin. See Stamfordham's note of 20th inst. A subsequent note dated 26 January suggests that as the subject of the interview is a new procedure on which H.M.'s pleasure has not yet been obtained, this aspect should be brought to our notice and meantime interview would be premature. This note was apparently inspired by the Dominion's office on receipt of our despatch of 24th inst.

4. It has been semi-officially indicated to the High Commissioner's office that Sir Harry Batterbee would like to see Mr. Walshe on his way through London to discuss this amongst other matters. The feeling of the Dept. of External Affairs on the subject is that a position has now been reached when the matter should be discussed not between Mr. Walshe and the Dominions office, but between Mr. McGilligan and His Majesty. If this feeling is approved, there are obvious reasons for ensuring that any steps to be taken by the Minister should be taken on his way home rather than that a special journey to London should become necessary.

5. It is suggested that an informal Conference should be held tomorrow morning at 11 o.c. a.m. to discuss the whole question, and that the Vice-President, the Minister for Education, the Minister for Defence should be present with the Attorney General and Mr. Murphy of External Affairs.

DOH. 27.1.31



The President agreed to the suggestion in Mr. O'Hegarty's note and a meeting was accordingly summoned for 28th instant.


1 Not printed.

2 See No. 513.