Volume 6 1939~1941

Doc No.

No. 94 NAI DFA 226/46

Extracts from a report from Francis T. Cremins to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Geneva, 15 December 1939

With reference to the Assembly, I have to confirm the following telegram which I sent to you last night:-

'39 Assembly accepted Report Resolution, Declarations abstention interpretation noted. Switzerland China Bulgaria three Baltic States abstained. Scandinavian States abstained so far as related framework sanctions system. Belgium Netherlands made declarations interpreting assistance Secretariat technical services not implying any collective action. No actual vote necessary after declarations. Council adopted resolution this evening taking cognisance Assembly resolution and finding Union Soviet Socialist Republics had placed itself outside League and consequently no longer member League. China Yugoslavia Greece abstained Finland abstained voting on own appeal.'

[matter omitted]

It was a tense week for the delegates of many countries, and everybody was glad when it was over. There were no incidents. The ordinary public were not admitted to any of the meetings of the Assembly, but representatives of international associations were admitted. The procedure throughout was cleverly managed, and the ordinary rules were waived where considered desirable.

The Polish delegate spoke both at the Committee of 13 and in the Assembly, all members having the right to attend the Committee. His remarks were for the most part directed to the Finnish question but he referred to Poland as well, though in fairly restrained language. A copy of the provisional minutes of yesterday's meeting of the Assembly will be found with the documents.

The Assembly was adjourned, not closed. The Secretary General was authorised until the next session, to convene the Bureau, and the latter body was given power to decide any question which the Supervisory Commission or the Secretary General might submit to it.

The Finnish delegation are I think convinced that they have got as much as possible out of the Appeal. When the Report and Resolution were adopted they expressed their profound gratitude. Nevertheless, it was clear all the time that they were not so much concerned with the question of the expulsion of the U.S.S.R. from the League, as with the question of positive aid for Finland. It remains now to be seen what positive aid will be forthcoming from the different countries.

[matter omitted]