Volume 6 1939~1941

Doc No.

No. 223 NAI DFA 205/4

Code telegram from the Department of External Affairs to William Warnock
(Berlin) (via Geneva)
(No. 43) (No. 69) (Personal)

Dublin, 13 July 1940

Your 41.1 Swiss correspondents of English newspapers reported 3rd July that Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung accused Ireland of not realising that by offering shelter to the British Merchant Navy in their ports they are encroaching on strict neutrality. Please telegraph translation of passage referred to.

Same correspondents reported on same date that German Press (names of papers not given) charged Ireland with not observing neutrality and gave following quotation 'Sooner or later Germany may have to act in consequence, as in the case of other small European neutrals.' Examine papers carefully for this quotation and any such charges. Cable result.

1 Not printed.