Volume 7 1941~1945

Doc No.

No. 595  NAI DFA Secretary's Files A2

Memorandum by Joseph P. Walshe
'The Wearing of Uniforms by British, American and Allied Officers in general
passing through Foynes'

DUBLIN, 26 May 1945

Mr. Gray asked me some time ago whether the Irish Government would agree to American priority officers in uniform passing through Foynes on their way back to the United States. The Taoiseach instructed me to give an affirmative reply immediately. The British Legation having learned from Mr. Gray that the privilege had been granted in the case of American officers asked that British officers going through Foynes should be treated in the same way. They implied that it was a matter of prestige. The Taoiseach agreed and the Legation were accordingly informed. Subsequently the Department of Justice and the Military Authorities were informed and the necessary arrangements were made by them.

[initialled] J. P. W.