Volume 8 1945~1948

Doc No.

No. 33 NAI DFA 416/1 Part 1

Letter from James J. McElligott to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Dublin, 13 November 1945

Since your official minute (No. 416/1) of the 18th May, 1945,1 we do not appear to have heard anything from you as to the fate of our claim against Germany in respect of the North Strand bombing incident of May, 1941.2

I see that the Reparations Conference has started work in Paris and I was wondering whether anything could be done to advance our claim in respect of the North Strand. We cannot of course, hope to rank with allied claimants but there may be some action open to your Department which, even if it does not ensure immediate or early payment, would enable us in time to participate with other neutral creditors in whatever German assets may be available for distribution. Perhaps you would let me hear from you.

The Germans, as you know, allowed us only £12,000 on foot of our claim for £15,000 for Campile.3 I suppose there would be no question of re-opening this case before any new body?

There is also our claim against Britain, etc., in respect of damage by mines, balloons and falling aircraft, which we sent to you early in August last. Have you had any response yet from the British?

1 Not printed.

2 On the night of 30-31 May 1941 German aircraft dropped five high explosive bombs on Dublin. The largest of these was a 500kg aerial mine which exploded on Dublin's North Strand, a suburb in the north inner city, killing 34 people. The rationale for the bombing had never been firmly established.

3 Campile village, Co. Wexford, was bombed on 26 August 1940 by German aircraft, killing three young women.