Volume 8 1945~1948

Doc No.

No. 7 NAI DFA Secretary's Files A7

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to John A. Duff (Dublin)

Dublin, 4 September 1945

Referring to your official letter of the 20 Lúnasa1 concerning Tributh, Gartner and Obed,2 three prisoners serving a five years' sentence, I can only confirm our conversation on the telephone in which I told you that we are not free to let out any of the men in Athlone unless they are prepared to return to their respective countries. The British and American Governments believe that the activities of these men were directed ultimately against British and American interests, and they would regard it as unfriendly on our part to release them without securing their agreement to that course. The only condition on which they would agree would be immediate deportation or voluntary surrender to the British authorities. What would you think of getting the guards to say to all the men held in Athlone for German activities that the only alternative to remaining in confinement is to give themselves up to their respective authorities through the British?

1 Not printed.

2 Herbert Tributh (1910-96) and Dieter Gärtner (born 1919) were German Abwehr agents arrested in County Cork on 7 July 1940 after landing by sea. With them, and also arrested, was Henry Obed (1895-1952), an Indian national, suspected of arms smuggling and espionage.