Volume 8 1945~1948

Doc No.

No. 150 NAI DT S13750A

Extract from a Memorandum for the Government by the Department of External Affairs
'Membership of the United Nations Organisation'

Dublin, 11 July 1946

[matters omitted]

  1. There are other important provisions in the UNO Charter, such as those relating to economic and social co-operation, the international trusteeship system, the Military Staff Committee, the increased powers of the Secretary-General, etc. So far as we are concerned, however, none of these seems to give rise to any major question of principle. A useful provision is that of Article 19 for the penalisation of Members who do not pay their contributions. Articles 57 and 63 of the Charter - like Article 24 of the Covenant - provide for the bringing of other international organisations and agencies into relation with the United Nations Organisation.
  2. Our membership of UNO would necessitate legislation to give effect to Articles 104 and 105 - if not to other provisions - of the Charter.
  3. The Minister for External Affairs proposes to ask the Government, at its next meeting, to consider the question of our applying for membership of UNO.