No. 164 NAI DFA 11/3B

Letter from Peadar McMahon to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Dublin, 30 November 1932

With reference to Mr. Cremin's minute (11/3B) of the 15th instant,1 I am directed by the Minister for Defence to state that in connection with the Form of Declaration to be made by the British Government, he is in agreement with the suggested solemn affirmation to be made by all European States that they will not in any circumstances attempt to resolve any present or future difference between them by resort to force. The Minister is also in agreement with the suggestions as to how the German claim to equality of rights should be met.

So far as Qualitative Disarmament is concerned, the Minister does not desire to offer any comments regarding the size of capital ships or cruisers, as the matter does not appear to be one of practical interest to An Saorstát either in the present or in the near future. In regard to submarines, the position is different in view of the undoubted usefulness which this weapon would confer on weaker countries for coast protection. For this reason the Minister is not in favour of the total abolition of submarines.

In regard to Land Armaments, the Minister is in favour of the complete abolition of Tanks, both light and heavy. He is also in favour of a general reduction of mobile land guns to a calibre of 105 millimetres.

The Minister is favourably disposed towards the principle that a re-organisation of the German forces must not involve an increase of Germany's powers of military aggression. His views in this matter are guided by his attitude towards the general problem of disarmament.

The Minister concurs in the views regarding Disarmament Control and Supervision.

[signed] Peadar MacMahon

1 Not printed.

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