No. 142  NAI DFA Washington Embassy File 61

Personal code telegram from Joseph P. Walshe to Robert Brennan (Washington)
(No. 307)

DUBLIN, 6 November 1941

Your tel. 410.1 Hand following text to State Department immediately:
'I have recently spoken to the State Department concerning the activities of American technicians in parts of the six Northeastern counties of Ireland and of published rumours concerning a projected landing there of American armed forces.

I have asked to be informed officially of the purpose of these activities and of the intentions of the American Government. As I have not up to the present received the information sought, I wish on behalf of my Government to make the request more formal through this note.

I cannot too strongly emphasize the concern which my Government feels at the absence of authoritative information regarding a matter which could have the most serious consequences for the whole people of Ireland, about which there is considerable public uneasiness in Ireland and in which the American Government must be aware that the Irish Government have a vital interest.

My Government believe that there is no need to remind the American Government that the partition of Ireland was effected and is being maintained against the expressed will of the great majority of the people of Ireland and that the restoration of the integrity of the national territory of Ireland is the primary political aim of that majority and the purpose nearest to the heart of the majority of the Irish people everywhere.

My Government will be most grateful for an early reply.'

Please cable when you have handed in note.2

1 Not printed.

2 On 7 November 1941 Brennan replied that he had handed the text to the Under Secretary of State that day. The Under Secretary of State 'made no comment, but said he would take the matter up with President and do his best to let me have early reply' (NAI DFA Secretary's Files A43, Telegram 420).

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