No. 96 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P48A

Extract from a confidential report from Robert Brennan to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Washington DC, 18 March 1946

At the annual St. Patrick's Day dinner of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick held in the Mayflower Hotel on the 16th I sat beside President Truman. I got an opportunity of telling him about MacLiath.1 He said he had heard something about it. He said impulsively 'Let's bring him back right away. We can't let that state of affairs go on.' Later on, after a recess during which he and I paid a visit to the AOH banquet which was on another floor in the hotel, he said to me 'Don't rush me too much on that proposition. I must have a little time. You see, there is the Roosevelt connection.' I imagine he had discussed the matter with someone during the interval.

I managed to get in something about Partition but he did not encourage me to discuss it.

1 Brennan's code word for David Gray, 'liath' being the Irish language word for the colour grey.

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