No. 90 NAI DFA 305/14/9/9

Letter from Frederick H. Boland to Stephen Roche (Dublin)

Dublin, 8 March 1946

I am directed by the Minister for External Affairs to refer to your minute 69/8390 of the 5th February1 stating that the Minister for Justice does not propose to provide for the continuance of the Emergency Powers (No. 20) Order2 beyond the 2nd September next. It is noted that if it is necessary to continue the detention of the aliens who are held under this Order beyond the 2nd September 1946, effective measures to that end can be taken under the Aliens Order, 1935. It is also noted that the two Germans and the Indian national who are serving sentences of penal servitude are not due for release until the 24th July 1947.

The Minister for External Affairs has good reason for hoping that the necessity for the detention of any of these men will have disappeared before this latter date, and in the circumstances he has no objection to the proposal to allow the Emergency Powers (No. 20) Order to lapse on the 2nd September.

1 Not printed.

2 Emergency Powers (No. 20) Order of 6 January 1940, deals with the detention of persons deemed necessary in the interests of public safety and the preservation of the state.

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