No. 39 NAI DFA ES Box 29 File 189

Timothy A. Smiddy to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)

WASHINGTON, 19 February 1923

A Chara,


I enclose a description of the meeting Sir Horace Plunkett1 addressed in New York on February 8th, 1923, as also a cutting from the Montreal Standard, January 29th, and a letter I had inserted by a Mr Donleavy in the Evening World.

Having been acquainted before hand that an attempt was to be made to break up Sir Horace's meeting by local Irish radicals and Irish Communists, which a number of the waterfront 'tough element' was ready at hand to carry out, the New York Police were duly informed. Mr - - -2 and his men were there in force and prevented what might have been a serious interruption.

Sympathetic prominence and a very full report is given to the President's ultimatum to the Irregulars in the Sunday New York Times and other papers. I would again urge regular statements by President and Ministers to Foreign Press Correspondents.

Mise, le meas,
[signed] T.A. SMIDDY

1Sir Horace Plunkett (1854-1932), agriculturalist and politician, founder of the Irish Cooperative Movement, Member of the first Irish Free State Senate (1922).

2Blank in original document.

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