No. 78 NAI DT S2109

William T. Cosgrave to Cardinal Gasparri (Rome)

DUBLIN, 8 May 1923

May it please Your Excellency,
Permit me on my own behalf and on behalf of the Government of the Irish Free State to invoke Your Excellency's kind offices to express to the Holy Father our sentiments of grateful appreciation of the gracious consideration of His Holiness, evidence of the undiminished affection ever shown by the Holy See towards Ireland, whereby the embarrassment caused by the manner of the Right Rev. Monsignor Luzio's intervention in our affairs has been brought to an end and Monsignor Luzio has been able to take his departure without further difficulties ensuing.

I beg also to assure Your Excellency of our gratitude for the kindness shown by Your Excellency personally to the bearer of my letter, of which he has informed us.

With renewed expression of gratitude and humble devotion to the Holy See,

I am, my Lord Cardinal,
Your obedient servant,

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