Volume 1 1919~1922

Doc No.

No. 134NAI George Gavan Duffy Papers, 1125/20

Michael Collins to George Gavan Duffy

Finance Department, Dublin, 18 June 1921

Seiorse a chara,
[222 words dealing with correspondence and spies omitted]

I fully appreciate what you mean by your reference to the Peace Talk. It would be a great pity if well-meaning people queered the position by too much of this _ There are always those who want to insist on shaking hands before the combat is over, and, in my opinion, we are not so near the end yet that we can afford to start the hand-shaking.

You refer to the Armagh result _ it was good beyond expectations.1

Do chara go buan,
Miceál O'Coileain

1In the 24 May 1921 general election for the parliament of Northern Ireland Michael Collins was elected in the Armagh constituency.