Volume 6 1939~1941

Doc No.

No. 176 UCDA P150/2548

Letter from Eamon de Valera to Neville Chamberlain (London)

Dublin, 15 May 1940

I hope you will not resent a personal note to tell you how much we have admired your dignity and patriotism in the recent events.

Those of us who understood the problems with which in recent years you were faced have no doubt that the courses which you took were the best available, and we are confident that in calmer times the importance of what you achieved will be appreciated by all your countrymen. I would like to testify that you did more than any former British Statesman to make a true friendship between the peoples of our two countries possible, and, if the task has not been completed, that it has not been for want of good will on your part.

I hope that you may still be able to work for, and that we may both be spared to see, the realization of our dream – to see our two peoples living side by side with a deep neighbourly sense of their value one to another, and with a friendship which will make possible wholehearted co-operation between them in all matters of common interest.

I know how the task of coping with the present difficulties must weigh upon you and your colleagues and I send you my most sincere good wishes.

Faithfully yours,
(signed) Eamon de Valera

P.S. This was written before the disquieting news of the surrender of Holland reached me.1

1 Dutch forces surrendered on 14 May 1940.